We offer remapping for most petrol and diesel vehicles. We offer 3 main tuning services Economy tuning, Stage 1 power for stock hardware and Stage 2 power for stock hardware with bolt on upgrades. Just remember more power requires more fuel! Thermal combustion energy in any form is not free. Custom builds / hybrids are best tuned on a dyno with appropriate sensors connected to obtain a correct calibration of the aftermarket components fitted  These jobs will not be provided via a file service request without supporting logs and are best tuned in our workshop.


DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter, its sole purpose it to remove the soot mass from the exhaust gas. When full the Engine Control Unit post injects diesel or additive to increase the exhaust temperature and burn off the soot particles. This is know as the regeneration phase.  

We use various solutions to disable regeneration of DPF systems. These typically include Emulation, Switch and Manual solutions. The end result is the DPF can be removed from the exhaust system without causing error codes or limp mode and no more regenerating of the DPF. 

*Customers should note a road vehicle with a DPF removed no longer complies to its designed emission standards and will fail annual compliance tests this service should only be used for off road, special and race applications!


DTC stands for Diagnostic Trouble Codes, the ecu sets these error codes when a component doesn't meet it's stored plausible values, they are many reasons why a code can be set and these aid in Engine Diagnostics. When a component is removed or disabled you would also need to disable the associated DTC's.  

We cover a range of ECU's for DTC Removal. We cover manufacturer specific codes (P1XXX/P2XXX) and generic OBDII codes (P0XXX)

Dyno Testing

Remap BHP have 2 in house dynamometers.

AWD Dyno Cosber Rolling Road Fitted With Sport Devices SP6 Upgrade.  Utilising 2 eddy current retarders its perfect for steady state tuning and is capable of running karts, quads, cars, motorcycles, LCV's. This Dyno can be hired by the day with a trained operator only.  We also use this equipment to give dyno proven gains to our customers who purchase tuning packages.

DynaPro inertial small engine dynamometer is capable of measuring crank power direct on smaller engine applications. It is suitable for karts, quads and small motorcycle engines. This Dyno can be hired by the day without a trained operator

Other services we offer

Below you will find a summary of other services we offer.

Immobiliser Defeat

We can completely disable the immobiliser on supported ECU's either by file service or Postal Service.

Speed limiter removal

If your vehicle has the internal speed limiter enabled we can remove this. Typically they are stored in either the EEPROM or internal or external flash depending on ECU.

Launch control

Launch control is available on a limited number of ECU's please contact us for more details.

Checksum correction

If you like to modify your own software but are unable to correct the checksums when you have finished we offer a checksum correction service where applicable.


EGR valves have caused many problems since the systems was first introduced. Modern systems as with all technology have advanced and are less troublesome now. Solutions we use for all systems old and new are closing of the valve and/or switch.


All modern petrol cars are fitted with catalysts and are generally removed when tuning for performance. If the catalyst has been removed we can disable 2nd lambda monitoring so the 1st lambda sensor will still control fuelling and maintains the correct lambda values but catalyst monitoring doesn't detect low efficiency from the missing catalyst.

MAP Packs For Basic Diesel Tuning

We offer a basic service to find diesel maps taking out the hard work of remapping. Our in house engineers will supply map packs available on request. Typical maps may include Drivers Wish, Boost Requests, Boost limiters, Torque Limiters, Injector Duration, Torque to Fuel Conversion, Rail Pressure and Rail Limiter.

ECU Cloning

Pre 2010 ecu can be cloned this gives you a great advantage if you suspect a faulty ECU. We can clone an old unit to a used unit making an exact clone of the original also checking software integrity and checksums in the process. The chances of 2 faulty ecu's that have failed in the same way is highly unlikely.

Plug and Play ECU's

We offer a range of plug and play ECU in standard or remapped state. We stock VAG MSA15 EDC15V EDC15P+ EDC15VM+ EDC16U1 EDC16U31 EDC16U34. Other makes and models may be available on request please contact us with requests.

Used ECU Re-ReograMMING

We have reprogrammed many used VAG EDC17 and Opel EDC17 ECU's in house that cant be cloned directly. VAG we can now do by a file service request providing you can read internal flash and eeprom of both the ori and donor unit. Ask for more details if you require this service on EDC17 ECU's

EDC17 Tricore processor reflow / replacement service

Remap BHP LTD also carry out automotive control unit intricate soldering work. 

The pictures on the left are from a 2009 BMW EDC17 ECU that we transferred the TriCore chip from a water damaged ECU to a replacement working donor ECU. This job was done in house by a trained technician.

Modern EDC17 ECU's are getting harder to clone and a common procedure for replacement is Immo Off. This leaves your vehicle very vulnerable to theft. Its very common for unprofessional tuning companies to take this action when they have damaged your ECU due to lack of care taken when opening or lack of skill when connecting your ECU up to be remapped with a tuning tool. We prefer to rectify this for customers by either clone, virgin and recode, or transfer the micro processor. 

We understand not all companies have the equipment or skills it requires to solder these types of fine pitch micro's so we offer this service to all trade customers and other tuning companies but we will require the vehicle in our workshop and to be left with us for a minimum of 3 working days. All vehicles are kept in insured business premises.

We do also keep a limited number of these micro processors on stock in virgin state. With a virgin processor you can restore a backup taken from a different ECU. The TriCore Processor has OTP sectors. when the processor is virgin these areas are blank and can be written.

If you require this service please contact us for further information and to discuss your specific requirements.

To purchase or find out more about our services please call us on 01964 204250 or contact us online.